Sensus Design & Build provides architectural design and construction management services to clients across Southern Ontario. Our transparent payment structure, app, and single contact approach increases accountability, flexibility and efficiency. We allow you to make interior finish upgrades at cost while using our app to view the scheduling, financial, and on-site progress throughout the design-build process.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide luxury, timeless designs, and unmatchable quality at an affordable price through the Sensus Advantage. This system allows clients to avoid standard contractor markups and pay the true cost of construction materials and labour by providing detailed cost breakdowns and descriptions for each stage of the project. With over eight years of professional experience we complete equity generating luxury projects while maintaining meticulous cost management, efficient project completion schedules, and guaranteed competitive pricing. Let our team help you turn your dream, into your home!

Here is a small list of what differentiates us from other design and build firms:


Convenience, its a good feeling. We are an integrated design and build firm, allowing our clients to achieve their vision through a single contract entity instead of having to coordinate numerous consultants and contractors. This service reduces communication time, decreases project completion schedules, improves cost management capabilities, and ensures accountability throughout all stages of the project.  


Organization and communication are they keys to project success. Our secure online project management software allows clients, designers, and trades to access scheduling information, material selection data, project updates, 24/7 internal messaging service, and direct email and phone notifications. This resource is available on any platform or device. Don't forget to download our app, available through the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store! 




We provide detailed expense breakdowns and explanations at every stage of the process to maximize your projects efficiency. This system allows for meticulous cost management in order to meet your financial goals, while creating an opportunity for increased design capabilities. 


Our flexibility makes room for your vision to grow. Sensus Design and Build provides you with the flexibility to choose any material finish that suits your stylistic inclinations without acting as a middleman or charging a fee for the inclusion of an item in the build. This means that you are at the centre of the project and able to see all costs associated with upgrades to materials and finishes. Sensus Design and Build gives you the flexibility to make your dream home a reality. 



Considering that our team is in the process of completing several custom projects at the same time, we are able to harness that into some real purchasing power for all of our customers. This allows us to get deep discounts relative to some of the key ingredients and pass all of those savings back to the clients, lessening the cost of your project.