At Sensus, we understand that a home should be something more than a mass-produced commodity. It requires a high degree of personalized planning to ensure that all elements perfectly meet your creative and functional requirements. We pride ourselves on our method of analyzing your needs and developing innovative solutions that are precisely fitted to your lifestyle and personal taste.

Our team of designers apply years of project experience and material knowledge to create architecture that offers a combination of timeless visual appeal and unmatched functionality. We work with you through the design development process, prepare complete construction documentation, obtain the necessary permits, and closely supervise the construction.


Drawing on our firm understanding of historic construction methods, and similar past work, we specialize in restoration design of old Toronto Homes. Our experience includes design for large scale renovations, additions, and modernizing structural assemblies while preserving the charm of the home or giving it a significant facelift. 

We understand the importance of detailed planning and careful work to maintain valuable heritage features when conducting sensitive restoration projects. Our staff are adept at respecting and preserving the past while you adapt for the future.




Whether you are restoring an old home or customizing a new one, we can help you to create refurbished spaces that are stylish, functional, and unique. Our team excels at documenting prior construction, developing new structural solutions, and repurposing existing built forms. Our portfolio includes basic interior alterations as well as ambitious multi-storey overhauls, and we will pursue whatever is required to make your home perfect for you.

Our staff specialize in renovating and restoring heritage homes, which requires extensive knowledge of historic building techniques and the delicate touch needed to maintain the historic value of a home.



Our emphasis on quality favours a resilient and sustainable approach to design. We incorporate cutting-edge green technologies and building strategies to ensure that your home functions efficiently, affordably, and with minimal environmental impact. We also promote durable construction methods to create low-maintenance homes that retain their value over time.

Sensus’ technical staff can design high-efficiency electrical systems, passive ventilation, innovative water-management systems, and other site-specific options. Many of our flagship projects are specifically designed to use sunlight, either for heating the homes directly or to power them through the use of rooftop solar arrays.