We are an integrated design and build firm, allowing our clients to achieve their vision through a single contract entity instead of having to coordinate with numerous consultants and contractors. This streamlined service avoids communication delays, improves construction timelines, enhances cost management capabilities, and ensures accountability throughout all stages of the project. Fast-tracking your design and build project is our specialty through our design-assist services. Using this structure, our design team works cohesively with our construction managers in order to start the initial phases of construction while your vision is being developed for the space. 


Transparent pricing adds value to your build by allowing you to pay for what counts. We achieve this by not marking up interior finishes, building materials, and labour costs. At the onset of the architectural design process we complete construction cost estimates in three phases to ensure the financial feasibility of the preliminary drawings, construction drawings, and interior design plans. We also provide you with full disclosure of up to three trade estimates for each phase of the construction process in order to avoid opportunistic pricing. As the build progresses, we bring these elements together and keep you up to speed with project costs by providing consistent financial breakdowns. This aspect of our structure stretches your dollar further.

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The flexibility of our service allows you to develop your vision to the furthest extent possible with a high degree of control over construction costs. We achieve this by completing design changes at-cost whether they are cosmetic or structural. This provides you with the flexibility to take advantage of great design elements you may have in mind for your space, or to exclude certain design elements to reduce costs. In order to identify areas of savings, we undertake the construction estimating process and complete detailed cost comparisons between different structural, infrastructural, and design element options. This flexibility allows you to meet your financial goals when paired with our meticulous cost management structure. 



Organization and communication are they keys to project success. Our secure online project management software allows clients, designers, and trades to access scheduling information, material selection data, project updates, 24/7 internal messaging service, and direct phone notifications. This resource is available on any platform or device.

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Considering that our team is in the process of completing several custom projects at the same time, we are able to harness that into some real purchasing power for all of our customers. This allows us to get deep discounts relative to some of the key ingredients and pass all of those savings back to the clients, lessening the cost of your project.