Our firm specializes in both renovation and new construction projects within the hospitality industry for hotels, restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, bars, and a wide range of entertainment facilities. Our efficient approach to design that maximizes functional square footage use increases cashflow opportunities for our clients. This paired with exceptional quality standards and bespoke design features provides the newness that ensures  guests will always feel at home. 




Purposeful office design requires an understanding of your team, their working habits, and equipment requirements. Through this process we will take the time to gain a deep understanding of your needs in order to outline spacial organization efficiencies that translate to functionality. In addition to this, we want to provide your team with the aesthetics that support a positive working environment and high talent retention rates.


Retailers seeking to build a timeless brand require their interior and exterior sales locations to be a status symbol for consumers who want to satisfy their tangible and intangible needs. For this reason, every retail space we design is approached with the understanding that it must set a standard in its setting.

Our firm has worked with leading mall and retail management boards across Canada. Through this process we will complete all coordination required to complete the tenant-fit-out renovation process, reducing delays and miscommunications. 




Our firm specializes in all forms of residential design including town-homes, stacked town-homes, low-rise, and mid-rise.

We understand that design requires close attention and sensitivity to the neighbourhoods culture, history, and aesthetics. Our goal is to create structures that serve to further characterize each neighbourhood we work in for generations to come.  

Our approach to this process is one that largely focuses on flexibility, allowing us to respond to public comments. Through this process we will hold public site reviews, and visually led public development process diagram reviews in order to aid in a clear understanding of our design goals. 


Our approach to heritage restoration design is one of complexity, meticulousness, and respect for the timeless taste of the past. We use our understanding of past construction methods to bring modernity, efficiency, reliability, and functionality to every space that we intend to restore. We have innovative solutions that are often required to see large-scale complex restoration operations smoothly through construction while effectively combatting the age and service life restrictions of the current structure. 




Our firms experience in working with some of the most prominent REIT's in Southern Ontario to produce tenant-fit-out ready spaces that are functional and efficient. Through this process we will adapt our approach to the architectural significance of the building and neighbourhood in order to fit the desired aesthetic through the means of renovations, or newly built spaces.