Drawing on our firm understanding of historic construction methods, and similar past work, we specialize in the restoration of old Toronto homes. Our experience includes upgrades to old mechanical systems or retrofitting new ones, adding modern features like rooftop terraces, underpinning old foundations to create new basement space, and ensuring that existing structures remain reliable for years to come. 

We understand the importance of detailed planning and careful work to maintain valuable heritage features when conducting sensitive restoration projects. Our staff are adept at respecting and preserving the past while you adapt for the future.



Our flexible structure allows us to complete renovation and addition projects quickly, efficiently, and with respect for your budget. We offer flexible and transparent planning services through our at-cost upgrade system and app, which put you in control of the build.

Our involvement throughout the design process allows us to review the plans as they are developed and provide feedback about the cost and constructibility of the proposal. Detailed progress reviews, photo updates, and budgetary analysis are also provided throughout the entire project.


Sensus Design and Build offers you limitless design and product selection possibilities, providing the creative flexibility to build your dream home and ensuring that it is completed in an efficient, stress-free, and positive manner. We achieve this through our collaborative process, where we communicate throughout the construction phase to let you compare upgrades, maximize cost effectiveness, and preserve the underlying design goals.

Our project management system adapts to the specific requirements of your project, while offering flexibility and clarity throughout the build.