The design of this contemporary home expresses 21st century architectural trends while also drawing influence from early modernist and industrial architecture. Aluminum composite panels, window louvers, and the formed concrete exterior wall finish comfortably coexist alongside a large multi-paned window wall to provide the owners with a connection to their scenic surroundings. Large accordion window walls at the rear of the home also put you in the heart of the action with direct views of the surrounding ravine and conditioned outdoor living space. Wood and copper accents are also used to lend a sense of warmth and tactility to the exterior. 

The interior similarly reflects the home’s diverse inspiration. Rich hardwood flooring is juxtaposed with exposed structural steel and clean minimalist fixtures. Built-in shelving and cabinetry infuse the space with depth and texture while providing ample storage and display space. The open ground floor is separated both horizontally and vertically from the bedrooms by a stairway located in the prominent clerestory hall. The spacious garage also opens to the front and back, providing a convenient flow to property as well as housing for vehicles as well as landscaping equipment.