Borrowing design inspiration from traditional French country houses and the English cottage style, this large and lavishly-appointed family home evokes feelings of warmth and intimacy. Natural material choices, broad windows, and the low roofline serve to ground the design; linking the interior, exterior, and surrounding property. Limestone cladding provides an effective backdrop for the home’s elaborate glazing, and wooden doors accentuate the entrances.

The home’s central space responds to contemporary design trends by providing a dynamic flow between living, dining, cooking, and entertaining. These contrasting elements are unified by a two-level entrance hall, which serves as a functional focal point for the house.

The upstairs bedrooms feature a multi-room guest suite, three-piece ensuite bathrooms in each room, and a master bathroom with a standalone tub and separate shower. Contrasting the expansive downstairs space, the dormer windows and partially-sloping ceilings create an abundance of intimate spaces throughout the second floor that reinforces the cozy elements of this cottage-inspired design.