We recommend our involvement in the preliminary design phases of your project, whether it is through our in-house architectural design team or a third party architect of your choice. We support this process by providing constructibility reviews, and identifying areas of cost savings. This way, we can create a highly functional and cost efficient design for you, or aid your third party architect in maximizing cost efficiency seamlessly. 



Once the preliminary design is complete, we undertake the construction estimating process to ensure the financial feasibility of your project. Through this process we also complete detailed cost comparisons between different structural, infrastructural, and design element options in order to identify further areas of cost savings. This phase will provide you with a detailed and accurate breakdown of the costs associated with your project, while givings you the ability to tailor the budget to your financial goals. 


Now that the architectural design is almost complete, we proceed to submit the final designs for permit review and start the interior design selection and planning process.  It is in this phase that all construction cost details become available and allow us to finalize the budget, construction completion timelines, and design drawings. We also provide you with full disclosure of up to three trade estimates for each phase of the construction process in order to avoid opportunistic pricing. This phase acts as the planning process and will ensure that we move forward with the construction process smoothly.      

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Our construction managers and architectural design team will oversee construction by reviewing quality using our 90 point inspection system, seamlessly managing the construction schedule, and providing problem solving services throughout the construction phase. 

During this phase our app becomes the main form of communication and acts as a hub of information to help you stay involved. Your involvement will inevitably lead to changes being made throughout this phase, and our flexible service supports this. We complete design changes at-cost whether they are cosmetic or structural. 

As the build progresses, we bring these elements together and keep you up to speed with project costs by providing consistent financial breakdowns and cost comparisons.


Our warranty coverage exceeds industry standards, including Tarion, for up to 5 years after the completion of a new custom home, renovation, or addition. This program includes all structural, infrastructural, and finish installations that are all backed by both Sensus Design and Build and our reputable suppliers and vendors. We also offer emergency service to ensure that if you have a problem, it is dealt with in the fastest and most convenient manner possible.