With the Toronto and surrounding area housing market booming, many people are choosing to build a new custom home or remodel their existing home. The reason is often that properties, after the project is complete, will yield an equity increase large enough to justify the investment.  

This sounds like an easy money making plan, but one of the biggest problems with taking on a home customization project is that many builders lack the ability to maintain high quality standards while providing their services to clients. This isn’t a hard scenario to visualize as the construction industry requires a high degree of planning and coordination in order to achieve the right results.

Unfortunately, the risks of a lack of quality control can cause a reduced resale value as a result of an apparent lack of craftsmanship.  Problems can also start at a much earlier phase if the builder relies heavily on their contracted tradesmen to manage quality for their respective portion of the build. The result of negligence toward this fact on the part of the custom home builder or renovator puts customers at risk of experiencing significant monetary damages. These damages can include defects in structural integrity of the foundation (exemplified in the photo at the top of the page), Ontario building code violations, health and safety violations, water penetration through the basement or foundation, water penetration through the building envelope, structural defects, electrical defects, plumbing defects, HVAC defects, and exterior cladding defects if the project is not meticulously managed throughout all phases.  

Many clients may also be caught off guard to hear that the custom home builder or renovator they contracted will not repair the damages in many scenarios, attributing the problems to a lack of due diligence on the client, or simply claiming bankruptcy. This news often results in a legal battle between the client and the contracted party, who has far more money and legal contracting capabilities, ending in a fruitless attempt to receive compensation.  

There are several ways that you can avoid a troublesome scenario like the one explained above. You must ensure that you choose a builder who prides themselves on their warranty and after build service. For example at my firm, we ensure that a standard 200 item inspection is carried out and documented throughout the course of 7 project stages including demolition and excavation, foundation, framing, mechanical rough installation, insulation and drywall installation, trim and finishing, and landscaping. You can also ensure that you are choosing to contract a builder that is Tarion Certified, a mandatory warranty service that protects new home buyers in Ontario from a wide range of risks through extensive one, two, and seven year warranty packages. We also provide clients with a five year warranty to make sure that they are happy with the final product for years to come. Without a commitment to a warranty standard like this, clients could be left out in the cold with no one on their side to correct the problems they experience.  

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