Whether it’s classical, traditional, transitional, or contemporary – we’ve all got our own personal style and tastes when it comes to home design. But no matter which style you love and gravitate towards the most, there are some important aspects to always keep in mind when creating your design. Here are a few factors to consider, no matter what design style you prefer.

Design Goals

First and foremost, you should always spend some time considering your design goals. Are you looking for cutting-edge features and a trendy, modern design or maybe something that’s more traditional and timeless? Whatever your goal, be sure to consider this before meeting with your home designer so that you can be clear about what you want, right from the start.

Feasibility of Design Ideas

After you’ve created your list of goals and dream features, make sure your designs are inspected and approved by a builder before thinking ahead to the next steps. You must keep in mind that a builder may not be able to accommodate everything on your list, as design must also meet structural integrity. A good design and build team will help you ensure your design is feasible and work with you to create a home you absolutely love.

Your Neighbourhood

Complimenting the designs of the homes around you will factor in and contribute to better curb appeal. When thinking about your new home design, take the time to consider the other homes in your neighbourhood – Will it tie in nicely and compliment the other homes, or will it stick out? Complimenting the other homes in your area generally contributes to better curb appeal. 

Budget and Building Materials

Certain design choices and materials require a bigger budget for the build. Be sure to have these discussions with your builder before setting your sights on a certain home design or feature so that you know what to expect from the start.

No matter what design style you are attracted to, you must be realistic about your budget and the feasibility of the build. Selecting a builder that you can feel confident and comfortable with will enable you to discuss your design goals thoroughly, determine what is feasible, and provide you with the proper guidance and advice to help you maintain your budget while creating a home that you will love.

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