The Solar House

This home’s industrial style reflects its functional and efficient design; it operates like a large machine built to harness the sun’s power. Louvered windows on the south-facing wall are oriented to receive winter sunlight, while the position of the driveway maximises building separations and sun exposure. Self-adjusting photovoltaic panels are housed behind the parapets, so sunlight can be used to cool the home as well.

The spacious modern interior also serves a utilitarian function. The abundant stonework and polished concrete floors were chosen for their thermal mass and capacity to retain heat. The grand 2-storey hallway functions as a stack-effect ventilation space when sunlight warms the floors and walls. Interior clerestory windows bring outdoor light into the upstairs hall and master bedroom.

By ensuring that every feature serves a double purpose, this design maximizes return on investment through its reduced operating costs.