This home attempts to reconcile a set of seemingly-contradictory design goals: openness and privacy, connectivity between defined spaces, and efficiency despite its large size. It resulted in an innovative and unusual floor plan that challenges  dominant trends in modern home design.

The arrangement of full-height windows and sliding doors onto the four separate screened courtyards blends interior and exterior spaces, while still offering a high degree of privacy for the owners. Transparent and semi-transparent surfaces delineate the floor area, creating a sense of permeability and wholeness without compromising the functional divisions. Tall stone walls are separated by wide sections of transparency while still serving to anchor the lighter overhanging portions of the home. The minimalist and restrained exterior camouflages the garage doors and downplays the home’s true size.

The home features several high-efficiency mechanical systems including hydronic in-floor heating, rooftop solar panels, heat reclamation, grey water reclamation, rain water harvesting, and high-performance insulation. The green technologies used will  allow for the sustainable operation of the home and offset the material costs over time.